I can see that I will continue to improve in how I write--and I owe it all to you. You have made me excited about writing.

You "charmed" an engineer into being able to write to the general public.

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About Expert Writing

What makes this training special?

Expert Writing training is not “remedial writing.” When you work with me, we won’t focus on grammar, spelling, or word choice (important as those are).   Instead, you’ll learn how to look at the structure of writing from your readers’ point of view. What kind of sentences be easy for them to read?  What will make them feel a paragraph or a section is coherent? Where will they expect to find the most important information?

When you understand these things, you’ll have the power to rewrite your document for maximum effect.  You’ll know how to present complex technical information in a readable fashion; make your document skimmable, so readers can quickly grasp its essence; put the things you want them to notice in the places they will look; shape the way they interpret the facts you’re presenting; write introductions that will motivate people to read further; and present a coherent, convincing argument.

The Expert Writing techniques come from the unique University of Chicago Writing Program. That program was developed from research in English, linguistics, and psychology and has been refined over decades.

I have years of experience teaching these techniques to professionals and academics from a variety of fields–people whose success depends on writing well.

I’m experienced at web-based teaching, and you can participate in all of my programs online using the latest technology. You get the advantage of live interaction with me  (and fellow writers), along with the convenience of joining the training from your own computer—even in your pajamas!

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