I can see that I will continue to improve in how I write--and I owe it all to you. You have made me excited about writing.

You "charmed" an engineer into being able to write to the general public.

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Basic Workshop: Foundations of Expert Writing

This workshop presents an interactive overview of the important principles you will use to transform your writing. In person, the course is offered over two half-days. It is also offered as a three- or six-session webinar, with a choice of scheduling options.

The first half : Principles of clear sentences

1. Enliven your sentences by making them tell a story about characters and actions.

2. Eliminate several faults that slow readers down.

3. Manage the flow of information and get readers to pay attention to what you want them to stress.

The second half: Organizing larger chunks of text

4. Influence how readers interpret the facts you present.

5. Give readers an opening that helps them orient themselves, and then make it all hang together.

6. Make sure readers get your point.

After you’ve completed this once-over of all the techniques, you’ll probably want to practice applying them to your own writing.