I can see that I will continue to improve in how I write--and I owe it all to you. You have made me excited about writing.

You "charmed" an engineer into being able to write to the general public.

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What people say about working with me

  • I found your teaching style to be very encouraging and supportive. B.V.
  • It is amazing to see how a good instructor can maximize learning. O. P.
  • Thank you for a great workshop! I started using the principles and techniques you taught the very next day at work. They have helped me communicate complex, technical material effectively to my fellow software engineers and to other, less technical audiences in the company, as well. I only wish everyone in my company had taken the course! B.H.
  • I have already seen a change in my business writing. Thank you so much for pushing me to do better.  B.C.
  • This course and your involvement have changed my way of writing. I can see that, and have heard from my superiors about the improvement. M.M.
    • I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am with the time that you spent on your feedback. You’re a rare breed of teacher.  R.W.M.
      • You are an excellent teacher and the workshop was first-rate. I have been able to use what I learned immediately in my writing at work for everything from short emails to long, technical documents. I am communicating more effectively with peers in my own department and colleagues in other parts of the company. B. H.
      • You are an awesome instructor. M.W.
      • Your workshop really was transformative for me. I think of myself as a good writer, and still found a lot of new ideas and material. In particular, the way to introduce New Information has been useful for me, as well as ways to look at the sentence level up to the organization of the entire document.  J.H.
      • I like your teaching style a lot. It motivated me to learn more and do more. Thank you so much, for bringing a better writer out of me. C.C.
      • It is really not easy, but for me this course is “fantastico.” R.F. (native language, Spanish)
      • Beyond the quality of the material, your teaching style is superb, especially in the way you addressed each one of our needs and abilities. Your responses to others’ questions were often valuable for me and your passion for teaching these techniques is evident. Just as you taught us to think hard about what we want to convey with our readers in mind, you have crafted this course in a way that makes the material immediately applicable to our own writing. Thank you! (J.H.)