I can see that I will continue to improve in how I write--and I owe it all to you. You have made me excited about writing.

You "charmed" an engineer into being able to write to the general public.

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What can you expect?

◊ If you want to easily and consistently produce writing that is

  • well organized
  • easy to read
  • persuasive
  • well matched to your readers’ level of motivation and understanding…

◊ If you’re willing to devote some time and effort to improving your writing…
◊ If you want to work with an experienced coach who’s committed to helping you produce better documents, faster…

Then Expert Writing Coaching is for you.

Here are some of the results you can expect:

  • You’ll feel confident that your final product is tailored to the important people you want to read it.
  • You’ll be able to write about technical subjects using all the terms of your art, and still be understandable to non-experts. You won’t have to give up your technical terms, or write Dick-and-Jane prose. Once you understand how readers read, you’ll see how to introduce technical topics and write coherent explanations that please experts and non-experts alike.
  • Even if your native language isn’t English, you’ll be able to write effective English documents because you’ll understand how native speakers read. The training might even help you write better in your native language.
  • You can banish writer’s block.  Stop agonizing over that first draft.  You can write it quickly—no worries about getting it right the first time.  Instead, you can go back later with precise tools and edit it to perfection.
  • You’ll enjoy writing more, even if you’re a techie. You’ll find that just as there are “formulas” in your own field, there are also “formulas” for writing.
  • You’ll be able to  analyze other people’s writing, and suggest efficient improvements. If you’re a manager who supervises others’ writing, or a teacher wanting to help your students write better, you’ll save time and be more effective when you know these techniques.

Read about the various coaching options available to you.